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7 bières pour accompagner vos repas et fêtes de fin d'année

Marre du vin et du champagne pendant les repas, apéros, et soirées arrosées de fin d'année ? Here are some hoppy, malty, delicious alternatives to diversify your table this holiday season! Toutes les bières citées ci-dessous sont en vente à la cave à bière Allez Hops! (dans la limite des stocks).  The traditional Gueuze : a bubb...

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Craft Beer of the Month : December 2022

Cosy alert: Brasserie Bleue's Winter Pale Porter will warm you up with just one sip. A variation on last year's Pecan Pie Winter Pale Porter, the Christmas season at the Brasserie Bleue & cave à bière Allez Hops will be marked by oak, honey and whiskey.  The base of our beer is an oatmeal ale, brewed...

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36 beers later : les résultats du 5ème Concours du Brasseur Amateur de Nice

The 5th and latest edition of Nice's very own Concours du Brasseur Amateur  was held on Saturday 19th of Novembre at the local Brewdog.   This year's edition was our most successful yet... with 36 home-brewed beers submitted, the judges definitely had their work cut out for them ! Similarly to last year, home-brewers could submi...

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Pink IPA, la bière niçoise engagée

C'est ce samedi 22 octobre à la cave à bière Allez Hops à Nice, qu'aura lieu la soirée 'Pink October'. Au programme : musique live, donuts artisanaux et bière engagée pour le profit de l'association locale SOS Cancer du Sein.  1 bière = 1 don pour l'association Pour l'occasion, la Brasserie BLEUE et la Brasserie Artisanale de...

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La 5ème édition du Concours du Brasseur Amateur de Nice revient en 2022

UN CONCOURS OUVERT À TOUTES ET À TOUS La 5ème édition du Concours du Brasseur Amateur de Nice aura lieu le 19 novembre prochain. Créé par l'association des Brasseries Indépendantes Azuréennes et Maralpines en 2017, le Concours a pour but de regrouper les particuliers du 06 et alentours qui s'intéressent à la bière artisanale brassée mai...

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Judging a home brewing competition in the South of France

The beautiful little town of La Seyne sur Mer saw its first beer festival organised this weekend, featuring a homebrewing competition to wrap up the celebrations.  I was very happy to be selected to be one of five jury members for La Seyne Sur Mer's homebrewing competition along side my friend Sheri, as part of the town's first craft beer...

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Nice Beer Festival : Nice's first ever craft beer festival

With beer festival season in full swing, let's take a look back at Nice's first ever craft beer festival The Association des Brasseries Indépendantes des Alpes-Maritimes (BIAM) organised Nice's first ever craft beer festival in September 2021, an event that highlighted the know-how of the local craft breweries in the A...

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Le Concours du Brasseur Amateur de Nice 2021

The 4th annual homebrewing competition organised by the Association des Brasseurs Indépendants des Alpes Maritimes (BIAM) took place on november 6th 2021.   The competition was held at french beer-bar chain Au Fût et à Mesure in the old town of Nice.  This year, the homebrewers were encouraged to submit their creations by catego...

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Brewing a double-mash chocolate imperial stout

My first solo trip around the brewery and I decided to make it as difficult as possible.   I had originally concocted this recipe to be brewed with my girlfriends on International Women's Collaboration Brew Day. Covid and the French government, however, had other plans. Me & my girlfriends.  We all met in the summer of 2020 ...

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Brewery Tour : Gekko Beers in Tourrettes, France

Gekko Brewing Co. : the home of juicy IPAs and good ol' Scottish hops-itality in the Var.  A family business. Peter, Pam, Paul and Weronika (and as of recently, baby Luna) are the masterminds behind the tasty lizard brews in Tourrettes, France.  Opened in 2018, Gekko started off as many breweries often do: in the garden shed. With th...

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Brewery Tour : Noiseless Brews in Antibes, France

Tucked away in a quiet side-street in the heart of the Vieil Antibes, you will find one of the Côte d'Azur's latest up-and-coming micro-breweries.    Don't blink !  The Impasse d'Andreossy has been, for the last two years, the street to get a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a pint of Collective Arts beer at the On...

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5 Beers For People Who Don't Like Beer

NB : the first draft of this article was written during the first french confinement when the idea of an apocalypse was still a funny impossibility and too-oft repeated joke. Yikes. If ever the apocalypse hits, I like to think that I'll be prepared. No, I'm not talking about that kind of apocalypse with zombies and diseases and ...

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Craft Beer of the Month : February 2021

What better way to celebrate your love for your significant other, with whom you've been locked inside for the last ten months... by spending another special night locked inside together ! We over at the Brasserie BLEUE predicted that Valentine's Day 2021 was not going to be spent in expensive restaurants, taking long romantic walks ...

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Le Concours du Brasseur Amateur 2020 : 19 Beers Later

19 beers later and we finally have the winners of the 3rd edition of the Concours du Brasseur Amateur ! But before we announce the happy homebrewers, let's take a look at how the day went down... Originally planned for mid-November at the Beer District Libération bar in Nice, this year's edition of the homebrew competition ...

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Craft Beer of the Month - October

It is customary that, during any beer or brewery-related meeting, beer be had (for obvious reasons). During our last Concours du Brasseur Amateur de Nice meeting at the Backyard Brews lair, we had an avant-première taste of their latest creation : a Rye IPA.  The Backyard Boys are no strangers to the grand and complex world of I...

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Craft Beer of the Month - September

I met Boaz back when he was brewing for Colgan's in Mouans Sartoux. Today, Bo is the head - and only - brewer at Brewbo, a small scale custom craft brewing company. Bo brews personalised beers served in personalised labeled bottles for "discerning clients who wish to set themselves or their event apart from the cr...

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Le Concours du Brasseur Amateur de Nice revient pour sa 3ème édition !

UN CONCOURS OUVERT À TOUTES ET À TOUS La 3ème édition du concours du brasseur amateur de Nice aura lieu le 21 novembre prochain. Créé par l'association des Brasseurs Indépendants de Alpes Maritimes en 2017, le Concours du Brasseur Amateur a pour but de regrouper les particuliers du 06 qui s'intéressent à la bière artisanale brassée maison. Ce conco...

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Craft Beer of the Month : August

In special honour of the Tour de France kicking off its 2020 edition in the beautiful city of Nice, la Brasserie Bleue collaborated with their friendly neighbourhood bicycle repair shop, Bicicletta Shop, on a very special, limited-edition beer.  Beercicletta is the brewery's first - but certainly not its last - lager. ...

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Craft Beer of the Month : June

On Tuesday June 2nd, 2020, bars (and restaurants) were officially allowed to open their doors to the thirsty men & women of the deconfined Octagon. If you were naive like me, you thought that meant bars would be pouring their first pints during lunchtime, or perhaps apéro, on the afternoon of Tuesday the ...

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ALL TOGETHER : la nouvelle création collaborative de la Brasserie Artisanale de Nice et de la Brasserie BLEUE.

Une collaboration très houblonnée et locale vient de débarquer ! All Together est une bière blonde amère de style India Pale Ale à la robe pâle et trouble, brassée exclusivement avec des houblons provenant de la Nouvelle-Zélande : le Pacific Gem, le Motueka et le Rakau.  Préparez-vous à une amertume franche et sans fioritures ! Lancée par la b...

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