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Craft Beer of the Month : December 2022

Cosy alert: Brasserie Bleue's Winter Pale Porter will warm you up with just one sip.

A variation on last year's Pecan Pie Winter Pale Porter, the Christmas season at the Brasserie Bleue & cave à bière Allez Hops will be marked by oak, honey and whiskey. 

A first glimpse of the Winter Pale Porter, after infusing with the oak chips and vanilla whiskey blend.

The base of our beer is an oatmeal ale, brewed with 30% flaked oats, pilsner, german yeast - and a lot of love.

After primary fermentation was complete we infused our base beer with whiskey oak chips and honey whiskey-soaked vanilla.

With fermentation complete and our adjuncts thoroughly soaked, and after cold crashing the fermenter for a couple of days, we were ready for bottling !  

...however the oak chips and vanilla had a different plan, and promptly blocked the ports of the fermenter 😅 No problem too big for the Brasserie Bleue team, we quickly unclogged the port and bottling was on its way.

The final result is a silky, decadent beer with strong notes of wood, honey, and a hint of lemon that lingers on the tongue. 

Quantities are very limited !

You can now taste and purchase the 2022 Winter Pale Porter exclusively at the Brasserie Bleue & cave à bière Allez Hops ; or find the beer on tap in our taproom and at the local Brewdog Nice 💙

Let us know what you think of our latest creation! Don't hesitate to rate the Winter Pale Porter on Untappd

Join us on Saturday December 3rd at the cave à bière Allez Hops for the official launch of the Winter Pale Porter 2022 🎄

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