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Craft Beer of the Month : February 2021

What better way to celebrate your love for your significant other, with whom you've been locked inside for the last ten months... by spending another special night locked inside together !

We over at the Brasserie BLEUE predicted that Valentine's Day 2021 was not going to be spent in expensive restaurants, taking long romantic walks on the beach or travelling to some exotic location... so we bottled a special beer for the occasion ! (to be enjoyed at home)

Unlike our love for craft beer, we wanted HeartBeet to be ephemeral and fleeting, so we only bottled 50 ! 

Available in 50cl at the cave à bière Allez Hops while stocks last. 

I'll let you in on a little secret... this beer wasn't *actually* brewed for Valentine's Day (yeah, turns out brewers aren't the lovey-dovey Bisounours everyone thought they were).

We originally wanted to brew a deep-red, velvet-y beer because... why not? Well, the beer was brewed and left to ferment for about six weeks (definitely not because we forgot about it). 

While at first - in the first couple of days after brewing - the sweetness of the lactose and earthy beet flavours were much too forward, too sweet and too beet-y, they mellowed overtime and instead left a very fruity and hop-forward amber ale. Today the beet flavour only comes through in the dark red colour of the beer. 


by Brasserie BLEUE 

What : Amber ale with beets

Who : La Brasserie BLEUE (Nice, France)

Where : at home with your loved one (or by yourself, doesn't matter to us). #StayHome

When : 14th of February 2021

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