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Le Concours du Brasseur Amateur de Nice 2021

The 4th annual homebrewing competition organised by the Association des Brasseurs Indépendants des Alpes Maritimes (BIAM) took place on november 6th 2021.  

The competition was held at french beer-bar chain Au Fût et à Mesure in the old town of Nice. 

This year, the homebrewers were encouraged to submit their creations by category. The five categories were :

 hoppy beers
malty beers
sour beers
flavoured beers
roasted / torrified beers

A total of 30 homebrews were submitted, the majority within the hoppy beers category. 

The jury was composed of

Craft beer distributor Kelly
(Kelly's Spirits, France Bières)

Professional brewers Robert (Blue Coast),
Aymeric (À La Fût)
and Romuald (Craftazur)

Brewdog Nice manager Sher

The Corner caviste William. 

Their in-depth knowledge and passion for beer were key for tasting, analysing and grading each homebrew according to the BJCP Beer Style Guidelines

any prizes were donated thanks to our wonderful partners and sponsors, including the Brasserie Bleue, la Brasserie Cerf-voise, la Brasserie du Comté, la Brasserie Berroise, la Brasserie des Ligures, Brewdog Nice,...

Prizes included...

Gold 1st place medal created by Elsa from Passé Décomposé

A day of brewing in a local professional brewery

A magnum of craft beer

25kg of Pilsner malt

...and many more wonderful prizes !


The homebrew competition concluded with a friendly apéro open to the friends and family of the organizers, jury and homebrewers.

Guests and homebrewers were encouraged to taste and share their creations. 

Congratulations to all participants ! ...and the winners are... 

FIRST PLACE : François and his coconut porter

HOPPY BEERS : Jasper and his Kveik NEIPA

FLAVOURED BEERS : Nicolas and his lemongrass ginger wit

MALTY BEERS : Jasper and his Belgian Quadruple

SOUR BEERS : Gabriel and his pastry sour

ROASTED / TORRIFIED BEERS : François for his coconut porter

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